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General View     Menites Springs     Venetian Castle 

Andros (Chora) the capital of the island is located on the East coast of the island between two large Beaches, Neiborio and Paraporti. This is an attractive town with two squares, steep-narrow alleys and stone walkways. Just outside Chora you will discover the villages of  Messaria, Stenies, Sariza-Apikia, Pitrofos, Menites, and many small villages. There is an abundance of shops, restaurants and a variety of night-life throughout the area.. 

Visitors arrive from all over the world to view the exhibitions at the Museum of Modern Art.

At the Archaeological Museum in Chora  located at Kairi Square you will admire the exhibitions  from the Geometric, Classical, Roman and Byzantine eras that  have left distinct surface finds as well as finds from excavations. 

 Donated by Vassilis and Eliza Goulandris.

As you leave the Square and walk under the archway you will arrive at  Afanis Naftis square with the Statue of the Unknown Sailor  created by M. Tompros.  There you will also find the Nautical Museum  which has a rich display of ship models, photos and ship instruments.

At the entrance of the town you can visit the Folk Art Museum, with local men's and women's costumes on display.

 From the square you will view the remnants of the Venetian Castle, on a small island which is connected to the town with a small stone  bridge.  Built in the 13th century, period of the Venetian occupation, by Marinos Dandolos.

Andros is the home of  Sariza Springs. Sariza mineral water is bottled in Sariza-Andros and distributed all over Greece.

Museums - Navel Museum, The Museum of Modern Art ,  Archeological Museum. 


Monasteries -  Moni Agiou Nickolaou at Vidou-Apikia. Built in the 16th century by two monks that arrived in Andros from Saint Oros. At Saint Nickolas you should see the miraculous head of  Saint Nickolas the New. An amazing embroidery icon from hair representing Saint Nickolas is displayed created by the Nun  Leondia from Smyrni, dated 1770.   *Moni Agias Marinas (Ipsilou at Apikia)  *Moni Panachrandou is positioned on the mountain side of  Gerakones. While visiting Messaria looking south to the island on the mountain top you will see the huge Monastery. From Messa Vouni you will follow signs to arrive at the Monastery. During the summer time the monastery celebrates  Agiou Pandeleimona, the head of Saint Pandeleimona is kept at the monastery for worship. *Moni Agias Irinis at Stenies. The church of the Archangel in Messaria.


Pigeon Houses - Each with their own distinctive designs are located through out the Villages.


Fresh-Water Springs and Fountains - Located through out the Villages.


Swimming, Fishing, Yachting, Sailing and Wind Surfing - Gialia, Neiborio, Paraporti, Syneti Secluded Beaches - Achla, Gria Cape, Vori, Platanos.

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