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Venetian Castle

Chora Andros Cyclades Greece

 After the breakdown of the Byzantine Empire by the Crusaders in 1204 the Aegean was taken over by the Venetians. Andros was given to Marco Dandalo, the nephew of the Doge of Venice, and remained under the rule of the Venetians until 1566, when Andros was seized by the Turks.


The Venetians in order to protect the island from the pirates and the Turks, built castles, towers and lookout posts. The main castle and the centre of administration was built by Dandalo on the eastern side of the island on a naturally fortified rock surrounded by sea at the end of a peninsula. This rock was fortified by a wall all the way around and inside was a palace and a large water storage area. 


Later on the rock was connected the mainland with a bow shaped stone bridge which is still standing today. Protected by the castle, the inhabitants started to build the town on the narrow peninsula between the bays of Paraporti and Nimborio, known then as Kato Kastro, and now as the modern day capital  Andros and which still bears the stamp of the Venetians.





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