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Welcome to Andros

The Island Where Greek Tradition Still Remains and Excitement Exist!!










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As your Journey  begins  at  Port Rafina you will need about 2 hours by Ferry to arrive at one of the most Traditional Islands of the Cyclades Beautiful Andros.  Port Rafina is located about 20 minutes from the new Athens Airport "Eleftherios Venizelos" Save the hustle and bustle-traffic, for a 2-3 hour drive to Port Pireaus. By ferry you have the chance to visit first stop-Andros Island , Tinos and Mykonos. Plan your stay days or weeks and move on to the next destination.

  Andros is the Northern most and second largest Island of the Cyclades. It covers about and its about 36 nautical miles from Port Rafina.
 A weekend trip would do... to get a taste of the Island,  plan  a week  or two  to 
discover  and  feel  the Tradition of the Island. Andros isn't just your  typical Cycladic Island, white-washed and blue. Here you will be amazed at the scenic greenish  mountains, long Sandy clean Beaches and Bays along the coastal road and those which you will discover during your trip.

Andros has four ports  Batsi, Chora, Korthi Bay and the Central Port of  Gavrio. At this time you can reach Andros  on modern comfortable ferries that depart  from Port Rafina. From Andros you can island hop to most of the Cyclades.

The traditional Andros Sweets are Galzounia (Rich with Walnuts, covered with powdered sugar) and Amigdaloto (Almond sweet covered with powdered sugar). Local cuisine includes favourite omelette made with potatoes and home made sausage called "Andriotiki Fourtalia". Wherever you decide to dine in Andros you will find fresh meat, fish, vegetables and fruit. You will find a variety of fabulous local wines and a local delight of (Greek moonshine) called "Raki". Local residents offer a great deal of Greek hospitality, usually offering Raki and a sweet.


While planning your trip to Andros keep your baggage minimal, for which you will find

  • Extremely fresh vegetables, fish and meat.

  • Fresh milk and Cheese.

  • Citrus Fruits, Figs, lemons, limes.. .......

  • Olives and Pure olive oil.

  • Honey fresh from the Bee-hives.

  • Enormous amount of  Almonds & Walnuts.

Whatever your Heart is Seeking you will find in Andros:

  • Museums

  • Archeological sites

  • Windmills - Watermills

  • Pigeon Houses

  • Fresh-Water Springs

  • Monasteries and Small churches

  • Swimming, Fishing, Yachting, Sailing and Wind-Surfing

  • Hiking

  • Camping

  • Good food and lots of night life and local entertainment.

  • Through out the year and especially during the months of July and August - Municipalities Andros, Korthi and Ydroussa you will enjoy Tournaments, Exhibitions, local dances & festivals  and events from the local Associations.




Country Code for Greece is ++30 Area Code for Andros  is  22820