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General View of
Municipality of Andros

As you travel from the Village of  Sineti around the coastal roadway you will be astonished with the beautiful Chora that lays in front of you.

           First you will pass the Helicopter port that
the Island has  for emergencies. Then you
will see long sandy beaches surrounded by greenery and cypresses.


As you drive a few kilometres from the
helicopter port down the windy roadway, you
will come to a cross-over. Just before the cross-over you can turn right. As you will notice the road
is very narrow and has a stone wall. 
On your left you will notice the old arch
and just a bit further you will come to the bridge.



This is a lovely secluded area. The roadway continues to Paraporti - Venetian Castle. 


There you can walk up through the alleyways of  the white washed houses to the Square where  the Unknown Sailor  and the Nautical Museum is located. 










From the square you can admire the Venetian Castle and the other beach of Chora "Neiborio". Here you will see the houses that are built on the water side, with stone walkways to the Sea.

Leaving from the square you can walk through the town of Chora. There are plenty of shops, restaurants and cafes to enjoy.

 If you enjoy walking, this is an excellent opportunity. You can continue your walk through the town, you will pass the banks, post office and police station. Afterwards you will arrive at more shops and fast food restaurants.You will walk in a circle around Choras' country side to arrive back to the point where the trip began.



Country Code for Greece is ++30 Area Code for Andros is 22820